Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Charmingly Rustic

While I am still going back and forth between whether or not to do a black & white kitchen or an all white kitchen, one of our dear family friends is undergoing construction on a fantasitc barn to home conversion in Vermont. She asked me if I wouldn't mind going over her kitchen plans with her before her next meeting with the builder, and I can honestly say when the project is complete it will be one of the most amazing kitchens ever. Her inspiration photos are breathtaking! She sent me an entire folder of magazine pages she has pulled over the years (yes some people still do that despite Pinterest!) and every kitchen was inspiring. This is one project I may be more anxious to see completed than the homeowner!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Favs

The kitchen is the only thing I am going to try to get done before we move into the new house, and since our budget is as small as the house, we're going to do an Ikea kitchen. I know, surprise surprise, but where else can you get kitchen cabinets for under $3,000? Umm nowhere. Since I could care less about waiting until we can afford my dream kitchen, and the fact that my dream kitchen would probably cost 1/5 of what we are spending on the house, I am going with Ikea. That being said, I kept going back and forth with whether I should do some gray or black cabinets and some white, or go with all white. I am probably going to end up going with the classic all white kitchen. One reason being that I know I will never get sick of the all white look, and two being that since the kitchen will be open to the living room and dining room I don't want to limit myself in terms my color palate down the road. Either way, I do love a mix of gray or black cabinets in a kitchen. Who knows, I may change my mind by next week, both options are tempting!

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Our New House!

We don't close on the new place for another couple of weeks, but already I am decorating like crazy in my head. There are so many things I want to do, but like 99% of homeowners, only a few things that we will be able to afford to have done once we move in. The main thing on my list is tearing down the wall in-between the dining room and the kitchen. Honestly I am usually in favor of keeping a formal dining room and having a separation between the two spaces, but since our tiny new house is, well tiny, I think it makes more sense to tear down the wall and make one big open space. Plus I won't have the budget for my ideal formal dining room for years to come, so why not? The one thing we will not be able to afford until well down the road is painting the exterior of the house, but when that day comes I already have everything picked out! I will post more pictures of the interior as well as our moving and renovating progress once we close on the house. Until then, be prepared to be bombarded with all of my inspiration pictures, and lists of our "some day" projects! 

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Banquette and Bathroom Project

We have a brand new bathroom and built in dining room banquette at the apartment! The apartment has always been short on storage, so we decided to add some cabinetry and a banquette in the "dining room." While we were doing that little project we also ripped out the old 1940's tub and wall tile in the bathroom. The reason Mom and Dad decided to re-do the remaining portion of the bathroom (it was semi remodeled years ago, see that project here) was because Jack was having some serious issues due to mold. There was mold under the tub and in between the wall tiles, as well as not one, but two layers of moldy tile on the floor. Someone actually thought it was a good idea to put 3" off white square tiles over the original black and white basket weave. Long story short, Jack has been healthy for the past month, and as a bonus we have a pretty new bathroom... At least until we move into the new house, then we are back to square one. More on the new house tomorrow!

My dining room chair fabric on the left, on the right the look for less version on the bench cushion. 

Someone loves the instant access he has to the cabinets! 

Bathroom Before: Please do not call child services, I knew the bathtub was going to be removed so I had not cleaned it in weeks when I took this picture. For the record I would not bathe my child in that tub as you see it pictured ;-)

Bathroom After! 

Before Floor Before: Tiles over tiles. 

Bathroom Floor After! 


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