Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer for Target

With yet another snow day here in D.C. I have been longing for warmer spring weather. I must have been living under a rock (or piles of snow) for the past month because I had not heard of Lilly Pulitzer's collaboration with Target coming this Spring! I am not a huge Lilly fan in terms of their clothing, not because I don't love the vibrant colorful prints it's more the fact I can't pull the look off. However, the idea of having a Lilly Pulitzer cruiser bike, hammock, or patio umbrella makes me giddy! Lilly Pulitzer's team of talented designers developed prints exclusively for Target which I think is a great way to distinguish the Lilly Brand from the Lilly for Target brand. I have no doubt this collection will sell it out within a few days like the Missoni for Target collaboration did a few years ago. Mark your calendars for April 19th for the launch of the 250 piece collection and cross your fingers the snow has melted by then!! 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Before and After Client Dining Room

Finally, here are the before and after photo's I've been promising of a fabulous dining room project I have been working on over the past year. Yes you read that right, one year for one room. The whole dining room came together relatively quickly, however, the chairs took for-ev-er! The dining room was pretty bare bones to begin with when I got there. There were yellow walls with no moldings other than the crown and fireplace trim. They had one giant chandelier which was a great fixture but the scale was way off for the space so we relocated it to their breakfast nook. We opted to go with two chandeliers instead which works perfectly being that the dining room is so large. Since the room is such a long room I wanted to give it some architectural detail, so we added a chair rail and picture moldings to frame out the Portobello wallpaper scene by Paul Montgomery we chose. Not only are these particular client's fun to work with, Paul Montgomery Studio is also amazing to work with. After several weeks of tweaking the scene to fit our room and the frames the carpenter and I drew up, they were able to lay out our paper so that the scene lines up perfectly all the way around the room. The buildings do not repeat, the people are the perfect scale, and no one is cut off half way down their body, it's perfect. I absolutely love the way everything turned out!

Photography by uber talented Marlon Crutchfield 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Fav's: Valentines Day Goodies!

If you follow me in instagram you have already seen a sneak peak of the amazing dining room I had photographed last week which I planned on blogging about today. However, due to some computer issues that post will have to wait until next week, because right now I am going to go throw my computer out the window... Happy Valentines Day weekend everyone! My weekend will be spent eating this entire box of cookies Mom sent us from Cheryl's cookies ;-)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kenwood House Tour

One of my favorite neighborhoods in our area is the Kenwood section of Chevy Chase. The houses in Kenwood are fabulous, so it is no surprise that when a builder does a spec homes in Kenwood it's not your typical spec house. I have blogged before about Ekster Antiques and their amazing barn sales, but they also do home staging. This home which was staged by Ekster, boasts not only great furnishings and accessories, but great architectural details. From the unique bathroom vanities and tile selections to the various molding and woodwork applications, this home definitely has the wow factor! 


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