Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Apartment Update

I have been getting a lot of emails asking me where I got certain pieces in the apartment along with questions about the bathroom and kitchen remodel. My landlord happens to be my Dad so I have a little more flexibility than most renters. I was the property manager for the apartment for the past 4 years, and last fall when there was a 1 month gap in-between tenants I went to him with a proposition. I knew the Mr. and I were going to move into the apartment after we got married so I told him instead of paying him rent for the first 3 or 4 months we lived there, I could put the money towards new cabinets and countertops for the kitchen, along with the bead board, sink, and mirror for the bathroom. Dad thought this was a great idea and gave me the green light to go ahead with the project. The chandelier in the dining room is ours so when we move out I am putting back up the Home Depot flower chandelier that you saw in the before pictures, and obviously I will take all my Antique Drapery Co. hardware with me. Other than that the rental will be the same when we leave, but here is the info on some of the items in our apartment. 

Rug: Natural Area Coastal Seagrass.
Table: Vintage pièce my Mom had since I was 10
Chairs: Noir burlap & grey wash wood
Sideboard: $200 from a thrift store in Kensington
Map: Missoula Mt map I got on eBay for $24,
the framing was a Christmas present from my Mom. 
Lamp: Inherited from my Grandma Lizzie. 
Drapes: Pottery Barn

Sofa: Lee Industries 7059-11 Sofa
Wire Urns: I think they are Aidan Gray but found them at a local shop.
Desk: Pottery Barn, but I got it at a local consignment shop
Mirror: TJ Maxx $99.99
Prints on either side of mirror: Inherited from my Grandma Lizzie 
White Hoof Table: Arteriors
Geometric Wall Trellis: I originally bought this thinking it would be a headboard
Coffee Table: Was the Mr's Grandmothers coffee table ;-)
Side tables: Home Goods, found them 6 months apart from each other too!
Lamps: My Shop

Bedside Lamps: Home Goods
Bedroom Rug: Karastan Antelope rug. 
Bed: Restoration Hardware. The last present I opened at my bridal shower was a note from my bridesmaids, friends and a few aunts saying I could call Restoration Hardware whenever I wanted to set up the delivery of our new bed. Best wedding gift ever. Thank you ladies!
Drapes: I had my seamstress make 4 panels from one 130"long drapery panel I got on sale.

So there is all the info on my apartment, and on a happy side note, last Friday my other bamboo rod finally arrived!! I also swapped the living room drapes for the bedroom ones to switch things up.

Yey for matching drapery hardware!

On a sad side note, a guest spilled red wine on our beautiful sofa over the weekend, and the Mr. spilled coffee on it yesterday. I don't know how Moms do it on a daily basis, but I pretty much went crazy. I tried everything- oxy clean, shout, white wine, vodka, salt, warm water, club soda, and I can still see the stain! We are having an upholstery cleaning company who specializes in stains come next Tuesday so I am praying they can fix it. When I called my Mom crying about the stains she said "Elizabeth, do you want to live in a museum or a live in a home? Things happen but no one died, get over it... now you see why I've had an ugly print on my sofa for the past 18 years"  I am not exaggerating, that is exactly what she said. I love how she always puts things into perspective, yes everyone is healthy, the apartment is still beautiful, but seriously huge stains after having a sofa for 3 months!?! Has anyone successfully cleaned cinnamon coffee or red wine from a linen sofa? 

By the way this is the red wine spot after I cleaned it...

and the coffee...


  1. Hi, I saw your blog on 6th street design school. I love the lamps and the tables they are on.(the ones on either side of your couch) and was wondering if you would say where they are from. thanks!

  2. cc lamps are from my shop, side tables are from home goods.

  3. Your home is absolutely perfect - stains and all. Love every detail! Thanks so much for sharing your sources.

  4. I LOOOOVE your apartment! You have the best eye for beautiful things. I'm so sorry about the stains. My suggestion was going to be oxy clean but then I saw you already tried that :(

  5. Thanks for telling us where you bought your beautiful things for your home! Homegoods is a great source. I love going there. So sorry to hear about the stains. I feel the same way when that happens- you're not alone! Having an upholstery cleaner come sounds promising. Good luck!

  6. PS, next cream sofa - go for Crypton. It's amazing. You pretty much can't stain it... even if you try. It used to feel pretty commercial, but they now make it in a LOT of different finishes. There are a lot of chennile-type ones right now.

    Best of luck!

  7. Your apartment is lovely! I've been aching to find a light fixture like that for our dining room. Wish I knew where your grandma got it ;)

  8. The lamp on the buffet was my Grandmothers, the chandelier is a Zentique piece my Mom found on sale in Virginia... Currey and Company currently makes a chandelier with burlap inside that's very similar to this one. Good luck! And thank you everyone for the kind words about the apartment ;-)

  9. I would try peroxide. It gets stains out better than almost anything. I've even got dried blood out with it before. Give it a shot. Can't hurt.

  10. If you haven't gotten the wine stain out, try a solution of Hydrogen peroxide, dish soap and water- mix it up in a bowl and dab it on with a cleaning rag or bix up in a spray bottle and apply. Works amazingly well- my daughter spilled a glass of red wine all over our new sofa and new carpet and you would never know!!

  11. love love love your apartment! I'm thinking about doing the karastan antelope in our family room. You have such great pieces!



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