Friday, September 23, 2011

Livable Luxury

I got my October Veranda in the mail yesterday and I am obsessed. Featured is Veranda's first ever concept house in Los Angeles, The House of Windsor. Windsor Smith, the LA based designer who is the mastermind behind this 8,000 square foot home, collaborated with Veranda and nine other designers to create this magnificent property. Her approach to architecture is so refreshing, from nixing the generic his and hers sinks to enlarging the most lived in rooms of the house, this home has that extra attention to detail that architects often overlook. 

The extra wide entry hall was designed to accommodate thirty for dinner.

This Kitchen was designed to be as large as the Living Room

The Master Bedroom, decorated by Candace Barnes. 

Sitting Room by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

 Office by Peter Dunham 
Stables by Kathryn Ireland 

I love everything in this issue of Veranda but take a close look at the cover...

"Liveable Luxury, Decorating For Real Life." 
As if everyone has a horse on their front porch, and marble busts perched on wall brackets that wouldn't get knocked over by a flying football. "Real Life" for Veranda magazine is a smig different than real life for most of my clients that's for sure! 


  1. Beautiful...hope I can curl up with my new copy tomorrow.

  2. Hahahha!! Thanks for saying that! Veranda is great for sure, but I don't buy it because it is SO aspirational. Even if I had a bazilliion dollars I don't think I'd buy a $15,000 sofa, or a $30,000 rug. Or let my pony on the porch;)



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