Thursday, January 26, 2012

Washington DC House Tour

Some of you may have seen pictures of this Washington D.C. tudor for sale yesterday on one of my all time favorite design blogs COCOCOZY (if you didn't check it out here)... While I don't normally make a habit of re-post things other bloggers have featured, I am making an exception for this house. Not necessarily because it is my favorite house of all time, but because my sweet Auntie and her partner are the listing agents, and the photographer is non other than Marlon Crutchfield, aka the man behind the lens of the majority of my apartment portfolio pictures. These wonderful personal connections enable me to present you with more photos than you probably have time for, but I wanted to share anyway! 

My kind of closet

The Mr's kind of closet 

Photography by Marlon Crutchfield. Interior design unknown. 

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