Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sprucing Up The Patio

I have been looking for some good outdoor furniture pieces for client's and I had no idea how expensive outdoor furniture can be! Not just Restoration Hardware and Frontgate, but even Home Depot has pricey pieces, sets they don't even have in the store. How can I tell a client to spend $5,000 on outdoor furniture that neither of us have ever sat in? Hi I am here to return 16 large boxes of patio chairs because they are not as comfortable as I thought they would be? At least Restoration Hardware has the stuff for you to test drive, but anyway, here are some great sets we found at great prices.  

Amazon $1,299

Target $999

Target on Sale $999 for the set!

 Target $1,358

Ikea $950

Target $999


  1. I hear ya. I have been shopping for the stuff for months and can't pull the trigger (online) for this very reason. I did check out the Target Belvedere set, and was pretty impressed comfort-wise. Just don't know how it will hold up... Good luck!

  2. Isn't it CRAZY how expensive it is? Hey - that Ikea set is looking pretty good for the price... I mean come on - it's OUTDOOR. Lord knows it's gonna get mildew and gross over time :)

  3. I have the loveseat for the 2nd Target set listed. It is very comfortable and the slipcovers wash up great!

  4. Outdoor furniture can be tricky!! We ordered a set from Walmart, a place I never ever ever shop but we rent so we didn't want to invest a lot into the furniture that might not go with us but it is amazing. Comfy and very stylish !



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