Monday, September 17, 2012

Ohh Baby

The Mr. and I are not starting a family just yet, but my girlfriends are having babies left and right. Last weekend I attended two baby showers, and I was blown away by all the "stuff" there is out there for new Moms. You can imagine when the time comes for us and we are blessed with little ones I am going to be a mad woman. Just thinking about all the possible nursery slash kid room styles and accessories is insane. Where was all of this stuff when I was growing up?? The new fall collection at Restoration Hardware Baby & Child is a-ma-zing!


  1. 1st crib...umm ridiculous! Love it! I just put together a nursery design board. Love how everything is not so babyish now. Check it out!

  2. Wow...RH has a unique line for children! Love it all. Pottery Barn does a pretty good job also. There "toys" are to die for! Grandma killers

  3. RH has the chicest baby collection! Almost too chic for a baby to actually live in- but I love it!! So glad I found your blog- it's wonderful:)



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