Monday, October 15, 2012

Stainless Steel- In Or Out?

Recently I have seen a few articles (here, here, and here) popping up hinting that White Ice is the new "it" finish for kitchen appliances. All I have to say unless it is an Aga a La Cornue or a Bertazzoni, I like my ranges stainless. I'm not on board with this new trend, but maybe it's because I automatically think back to Grandma Lizzie's avocado range. I don't know what the folks at GE were smoking when they decided to roll out that line but thankfully the range lasted longer than the avocado trend. I can see using the White Ice dishwasher if you have white cabinets, or the white cooktop paired with white carrara marble countertops but I don't see myself embracing the trend anytime soon. House Beautiful's Kitchen of the Year this year had all the White Ice appliances and it looked amazing but for some reason sometime tells me stainless isn't going anywhere. 
White appliances yay or nay?

Now roll out an appliance that is shinny chrome like these doors and I might throw stainless steel under the bus... how fabulous are these doors??


  1. Well, I'm probably 40 years older than you are and I feel the same way about stainless steel finish and granite countertops. They are just the current trend. And since I, like many folks, am unable to re-do my kitchen every time the trend changes, I've never lost my white refrigerator! ha When my first one went out after 32 years of marriage, WHITE was still in, and this one is now 15 years old, will hopefully outlive me! ha

    So despite loving to be able to read your blogs, some of us never really have the chance to be "in" with the expensive items like that and have learned (again thru your blogs) how to bring our pops of color and design in in less expensive ways!

    We'll just have to wait until the trend changes (if it does) to know which one of us is right. If it changes fast, I may still be here to see it! ha ha

    And so it goes...............

  2. The House Beautiful kitchen was a puzzle to me. I keep looking at it and I can't figure out the material around the refrigerator. I like it, but what is it? And the "White Ice" is not the old white finish! I think Stainless is going to be around for years to come. It's over being a "Trend" and I feel has become a classic, like the white was for over 50+ years. Or maybe I'm just hoping since I won't be changing it. I've given up on changing my builder stock (upgraded quality though) cabinetry throughout the house. Too expensive to have it done professionally and totally too much work for poor MC! Hopefully the natural wood look will return! Fat chance!

  3. I love the new white finishes!! & agree with Patty, they are not at all like the older textured white finishes. When we recently redid our kitchen, I really pushes for white but couldn't find a white range that I loved & could afford (Samsung has chic fridges & dishwashers).

    I think that stainless has become ubiquitous & over done and that white done right looks more high end, especially with white cabinetry.

  4. I say YAY YAY YAY!!! I have always loved white and resisted stainless steel (thought it was trendy, although it's lasted longer than I thought it would). Very happy to see the old tried and true white coming back around!

  5. White kitchen cabinetry? Definitely Yay! White and stainless steel go nicely together, they're so clean, pure and timeless. Always loved white/silver/gray finish combinations. And stainless steel is known to be long lasting too.



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