Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Favs

Remember when my sweet Mama got me the knock-off version of the Oly Studio Pipa cocktail table for Christmas 2011? I posted about it here, and to this day we always regretted getting the smaller table and giving the big one to a client. Mom and I have been hunting Home Goods stores weekly (Mom almost drove out of state when a store in Delaware had one, but the fools wouldn't take a credit card over the phone to reserve it, thats how insane we are) so when the bigger version didn't turn up, I bit the bullet and ordered the real deal last summer at Market. Seven months later I finally got the call that the table was ready! I had the whole thing planned out, I pushed some of the furniture to the outside of the living room to make it feel bigger so when the new much larger table arrived the Mr. wouldn't even notice the ol switcharo. No such luck. The table was delivered last Friday and when he got home from work the first thing he said was Woo did you carry that up all by yourself?? Then proceeded to ask me why we needed two versions of the same table. Technically if if you look closely they are not exactly the same table, not just in size but color and texture. Enough of a difference to spend the extra mullah on one vs the other? Probably not, but I have been eyeing this puppy for years and I don't regret it for a second. Plus, as I pointed out to him, the odds of us having a living room big enough to fit the 42" table in, in our first home some day is probably slim to none, so I need to keep the smaller version just in case. Personally I think he is lucky to have a wife who plans ahead...



Just to give you an idea of how much bigger the new table is, the same books are on here as there were on the 32" version above. The Vera Wang book is now under the gray and white box (Henry) and the doggie book is under the novel and the shell. 


  1. You come from the same mold as I did! Love the table, but I really love the history more!!
    Great going Girl!!!
    That table is fab!

  2. I LOVE your new "larger" table (and actually your small one too!. It's so beautiful. I give you props for at least trying to pull one over on the Mr.!lol I think they may notice more then we think!lol



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