Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Son Of A ....

 Speaking of not having a living room big enough one day to fit the new Pipa cocktail table, my favorite  house ever came on the market the other week (10 years too early for the Mr. and I to be able to afford it) and it's already under contract. For my friends who live in other parts of the country I would like you to know how insane DC is... the 1920's Spanish Style home was apparently such an "Incredible renovation opportunity" aka a total fixer upper, that they had no interior pictures online. Not one flipping photo of the inside of the house I drive by almost every day, not one, and to top it off they didn't even have an open house! For the love, how's a girl going to stalk and plan the layout of her future home if she can't even see inside the damn place?  So what does a 4 bedroom fixer upper go for around here? Oh just a cool 950 thousand dollars, hence the title of today's post. Anyway this the house, and since I didn't get to see what the inside looks like, below you'll find a rendition of how it might look if Hank the Mr. and I lived there. 


  1. Sounds like L.A. prices, hence my constant beating my head against the wall as I home shop every single day.

    I think your renditions are fabulous and I'm sure some day you will get the chance to make that place your dream home :)

  2. I loved your approach on this Post! So clever to imagine the layout and rooms of your "dream" unseen home!
    So much fun!



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