Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Drapes For The Little Man's Room

After falling in love with and obsessing over the idea of using the Alan Campbell big brown Zig Zag fabric for drapes in the nursery, I finally talked myself back down to reality. I think spending the equivalent of a few months rent to have draperies made for a little guy who could care less what his room looks like is a smig insane. Sooo long story short, I finally decided to keep the same drapes in the nursery as I had before when it was my darling Henry's room. The Mr. and I have swapped rugs with Jack, oh yeah his name is Jack ;-) So now we have the seagrass rug in the bedroom and Jack has the antelope rug. No child wants to be crawling around on seagrass anyway, and I think the antelope will be the perfect manly touch to his Western themed nursery. I will definitely share pictures of the room as we get it together, but in the meantime here are some great alternatives I found to the brown on tint Zig Zag fabric- Just in case anyone else out there is looking for the look for less. 

In the first picture the two options on the far left are the Alan Campbell Zig Zag and Petit Zig Zag which retail about $196 per yard. The other three fabrics range between $11-$50 per yard. But in the end I am spending nothing by going with my old white Pottery Barn drapes that I had my seamstress add burlap to the bottom of a few years ago, see here


  1. i am OBSESSED with the zigzag-just got in my dining area. save it for another room you want to spend more $$$ on. tough to justify for kids room...unless you are doing romans??

    1. I know I love your gorgeous green zig zag drapes!!! I ordered black out blinds for the room so I am going to wait and save it for when we are in a house ;-)

  2. You did the SMART thing!!!!! Good decision...

  3. I love that burlap border on those drapes still!!!!
    xo Nancy



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