Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Studio Re-Opening!

Every July and August Mom and I close the Studio for a mini summer vacation. It's actually embarrassing how messy we let it get in such a short period of time but oh well, we are back in business and more organized than ever. After a few weeks of straightening up and organizing fabrics and inventory we are ready to re-open. Starting this Friday will be back to our normal Friday & Saturday hours, so if you are in the neighborhood feel free to pop in and say hello! We would love to see you. 

PS did I mention everything in the studio will basically be 20%-50% off!!  


  1. I spy some gorgeous things!

  2. Hope you had a wonderful summer and congrats for a new reopening! Lovely things in there!
    I hope to come see you one day!
    xo Nancy



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