Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Favs

Part of the reason for my lack in blog posts in the past few weeks has been because I have been clearing out the apartment to make way for Jack's arrival. The 2nd bedroom, Henry's old room, is now slowly beginning to look like a nursery. In order to accommodate the new little person coming into our lives I have had to make a few changes, one of them being getting rid of my fabulous bamboo desk. I don't know if you noticed from my apartment photos but in our tiny two bedroom apartment I had 3 desks... 3! I realize 3 desks in a two bedroom apartment is completely ridiculous, so I swapped out the bamboo desk for a dresser that provides more useful storage. I will post new bedroom pictures as well as nursery pictures as soon as we are more settled, but in the meantime the Bamboo desk is currently at the Studio for sale. I was thinking of putting a hideously expensive price tag on it so it never sells, in the off change we get a house some day with room enough for it, but I didn't. If you or anyone you know are looking for a great desk, albeit not that useful since the knee space is so tiny, this is one of my favorite pieces. Hell I pretty much love anything bamboo! 

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