Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Favs

The one big item I splurged on for Jack's room was a painting from one of our favorite companies- Natural Curiosities. I wanted my little guy to have something special, something he would have for the rest of his life. Unlike a stork painting with his date of birth, he might actually want to hang The Chief in his first apartment. Worst case scenario if he ends up getting sick of it, it will make a great addition to the Mr's man cave some day. Either way, in my opinion it was money well spent. What I love about Natural Curiosities, other than how unique and creative their artwork is, is that you can basically customize anything you see. For example The Chief, normally comes in a much larger size than what I used in the nursery. They gave me 3 different sizing options for the painting and I ended up going with the medium version which I think is perfect for our space. Here are some of my other favorite Natural Curiosities pieces, as well as some of their Instagram photo's. Their Studio put's ours to shame! 

1 comment:

  1. Lucky boy to have such a stylish mama! I have a feeling The Chief will follow Jack wherever he goes.



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