Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Favs

The kitchen is the only thing I am going to try to get done before we move into the new house, and since our budget is as small as the house, we're going to do an Ikea kitchen. I know, surprise surprise, but where else can you get kitchen cabinets for under $3,000? Umm nowhere. Since I could care less about waiting until we can afford my dream kitchen, and the fact that my dream kitchen would probably cost 1/5 of what we are spending on the house, I am going with Ikea. That being said, I kept going back and forth with whether I should do some gray or black cabinets and some white, or go with all white. I am probably going to end up going with the classic all white kitchen. One reason being that I know I will never get sick of the all white look, and two being that since the kitchen will be open to the living room and dining room I don't want to limit myself in terms my color palate down the road. Either way, I do love a mix of gray or black cabinets in a kitchen. Who knows, I may change my mind by next week, both options are tempting!

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