Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Our New House!

We don't close on the new place for another couple of weeks, but already I am decorating like crazy in my head. There are so many things I want to do, but like 99% of homeowners, only a few things that we will be able to afford to have done once we move in. The main thing on my list is tearing down the wall in-between the dining room and the kitchen. Honestly I am usually in favor of keeping a formal dining room and having a separation between the two spaces, but since our tiny new house is, well tiny, I think it makes more sense to tear down the wall and make one big open space. Plus I won't have the budget for my ideal formal dining room for years to come, so why not? The one thing we will not be able to afford until well down the road is painting the exterior of the house, but when that day comes I already have everything picked out! I will post more pictures of the interior as well as our moving and renovating progress once we close on the house. Until then, be prepared to be bombarded with all of my inspiration pictures, and lists of our "some day" projects! 

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  1. Congratulations! You will love being A homeowner and I can't wait to see what you do with the place. I do have to say I'm partial to natural brick though!

    1. Thank you! We are so excited. I like the brick but every single house on the street is natural brick so eventually I know I will want to switch things up!

  2. How exciting! I love the house and I love your ideas!! :) I know you will put your stamp on it and it will be amazing.

  3. What a great home! It would be wise to check with a realtor in your community about the color of your brick, painting it could take away from the homes value. It is better to whitewash brick than it is to paint it. Paint tends to chip and peal after a few years. Find a reputable company that specializes in brick work, your realtor could probably set you up with one.

    Winfred Herrington @ Sold Team

  4. I think moving is one of my favorite activities. The remodeling and decorating of a home is just the best part. I have thought about retiring and just starting to flip homes because it is a passion of mine. I was waiting to see what the market did but it seems like it is doing well although you never know.

    Jacqueline @ Buyer's Option Realty Services

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! It looks like a stunning home to live in, I am so happy for you. I can tell it looks like a nice quiet neighborhood, too. Very inspirational to read that you already have things planned for years to come. It certainly looks like a dream come true.

    Rupert @ Gulf Shores Real Estate And Homes



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