Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Favs, Dark Wood Floors

The Mr.'s favorite thing in a house is dark hardwood floors. When I say dark, I mean DARK. If it were up to him we would literally have lacquered black floors. While I also like the look of super dark hardwood floors, the fact that we have a yellow lab and I am constantly cleaning dust balls out of the corners, made me think going that dark was a bit impractical. I ended up choosing Minwax's Dark Walnut for our floor stain, and will be going over to the new house later this morning to see how it looks! We are making great progress over there, and I can not wait until we move in. Next week I will share some of our plans with you all both the long term projects and the immediate things we are currently tackling. If you don't follow me on instagram, you can find me @hauteindoorcouture where I have been/will be posting lots of house updates ;-)
 Happy Friday you all! 

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  1. I love them too and would change mine in a heartbeat if it wasn't such a hassle. Great inspiration images...happy Friday!

  2. Oh I agree! Dark wood floors are so, so stunning! The images are striking and you can see how dramatic they can be!



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