Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer for Target

With yet another snow day here in D.C. I have been longing for warmer spring weather. I must have been living under a rock (or piles of snow) for the past month because I had not heard of Lilly Pulitzer's collaboration with Target coming this Spring! I am not a huge Lilly fan in terms of their clothing, not because I don't love the vibrant colorful prints it's more the fact I can't pull the look off. However, the idea of having a Lilly Pulitzer cruiser bike, hammock, or patio umbrella makes me giddy! Lilly Pulitzer's team of talented designers developed prints exclusively for Target which I think is a great way to distinguish the Lilly Brand from the Lilly for Target brand. I have no doubt this collection will sell it out within a few days like the Missoni for Target collaboration did a few years ago. Mark your calendars for April 19th for the launch of the 250 piece collection and cross your fingers the snow has melted by then!! 


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