Thursday, July 16, 2015

Grasscloth Wallpaper In The Master Bedroom, Someday

One thing you have time to do while nursing an infant 24 hours a day is analyze what you love about your house, and what you would change. I posted on my Instagram account back in February about how I wanted to wallpaper our master bedroom in this fabulous Thibaut Grasscloth, and while it is not currently in the budget, I will wallpaper our bedroom someday. Someday hopefully sooner rather than later. Thank the Lord the Mr. does not read this blog because there are so many other things he would like do, silly practical things like fix the broken pull down ladder to our attic. I have a lot on my wish list for the house and so does the Mr, but we truly do love everything about our little house! I am so glad we did the kitchen and basement renovations before we moved in, because I wouldn't have the energy for life with two under two and a dog plus all the mess involved with renovations. Thankfully now I am spending more time outside the bedroom but I am still dreaming about how wonderful it will be to one night go to bed in a dreamy grasscloth covered space like these. 

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  1. The images are "dreamy"! I can visualize what you want to do. I love the fact the Mr. doesn't read the blog.....Are you sure?
    Happy dreams.

    1. Yes Patty, 100% sure. It's kind of adorable, he asks me all the time if I have done a blog post lately... I'm like, um hello you have a phone and a laptop, go online and see if I've done a post lately! My Dad however reads my blog religiously and emails me as soon as he spots my grammatical errors! Have a great night, I hope it was spent outside with MC enjoying your new screened-in porch ;-)

  2. oh my so very gorgeous!!!



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