Friday, October 30, 2015

Jack's Nursery In Bethesda Magazine

Jack's nursery was recently featured in Bethesda Magazine, along with two other nurseries that are designed to be practical past the infant years. Like many new Mom's I never had room for a true changing table, nor would I have wanted to buy a piece of furniture thats sole purpose was for changing diapers. Despite the fact that my life is diapers right now, I know that someday it will not be. I would rather invest in furniture that my children will have when they are in high school, and that is what I did with Jack's dresser. Brynn on the other hand lucked out with her dresser. It was hand me down from our bedroom at the apartment, which happens to be the perfect surface for our changing table. Whether it's an antique piece of furniture or a hand me down dresser, I love seeing nurseries that don't use typical "baby furniture."


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