Monday, October 15, 2018

Featuring My Uber Talented Très Chic Cousin Maggie Wilson

I know I need to get back to blogging but in between working on some majorly fabulous homes, sloooowly getting settled into our new home, and enjoying quality time with my people I haven't had the spare time. Not to mention we have also been working hard behind the scenes on launching a new website and blog platform! In the upcoming weeks we have a few really special photo shoots lined up on projects we have been working on for years, so stay tuned for sneak peaks on my Insta act!

 In the meantime, here is a little eye candy for you featuring a 800 square foot Cottage out West designed by my uber talented and fabulous cousin Maggie Wilson. Magpie and her husband Tim have such amazing taste and it shows in their stylish abode featured over at Domino


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