Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Our First Time Hosting Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2018 marked the anniversary of our first year in the new house, so we thought what better way to celebrate than hosting Thanksgiving!? Honestly, on paper it sounds like a disaster, but it was everything but that! It was truly FABULOUS! The week before Thanksgiving we had an unexpected "slushy day" or as DMV people like to call it, a snow day. Brynn O'Hara isn't fooled by that nonsense, she says unless there is enough snow to cover "all the grass" she can't slide down the hill, therefore it's a "slushy day." Her disappointment and confusion as to why the school day was disrupted quickly turned into the most productive party planning meeting I've been to in a long time. I honestly think that day of prep was the secret to our successful Thanksgiving feast for 16. I had so many images pinned, and saved on Instagram as inspiration for our table but it wasn't until Brynn and I set the table with each different place setting option that I realized what would be the best fit. Our unexpected "Slushy Day" + the fact my Mother in Law cooked THE TURKEY + my Brother in law who deep fried an EXTRA TURKEY + my Dad who made the most amazing mashed potatoes of all time... I am beyond thankful for our #MOSTTHANKFULTHANKSGIVINGEVER

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  1. Your table looks incredible and how wonderful that everyone could sit at one table.



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