Friday, June 10, 2011

Mad About Monograms

Like many women I have acquired a variety of monogrammed accessories over the years. Next week I am going to the DMV to change my name, but luckily for me my old monogram meshes well with the new one. I went from being EBW to EWB, close enough for me. Obviously I did not marry the Mr. because of his last name, but I admit not having to rush out to re-do all the monogramed towels is a perk. 

Luxury Monograms 
Luxury Monograms 
Leontine Linens 
Luxury Monograms 

Iomoi is one of my favorite websites, they have a gazillion different monogram styles and color combos. If you can't find something you love there, I don't know if we can be friends.

Iomoi Monogram Lucite Tray 
Iomoi iPad cover. 
Iomoi Canvas Tote 
Iomoi Canvas Tote 
Front and back of canvas Iomoi Tray 

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