Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Style vs. Lifestyle

I did not rush to Target yesterday for the launch of the Missoni collection, and I am not scouring the internet for runway images from fashion week. This will come as no surprise to those who know me well, but hands down my favorite style icon of all time is Ralph Lauren. When I was a high school prepster the polo was a staple in my wardrobe, when I was a post college grad living in Colorado his rugged western wear seemed to fit. Now that I am old enough to realize you don't need to be one or the other, it's much less complicated. Honestly I have never really been into the whole fashion week thing anyway, which is probably why I gravitate to the Ralph Lauren approach "I'm not about fashion, I'm about living and that's been my whole career." If I owned three properties one would be a Western/California style ranch, one would be a Hamptons cottage, and the other would be a chic Parisian style apartment. Since our two bedroom apartment is all I have to work with for now, true to the Ralph Lauren lifestyle, my home and my closet will reflect a mix mash of all of the above.


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