Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's A Small World After All

I will be the first one to admit that I have a slight obsession with Pinterest, and my 1,429 pins are living proof. Yesterday when I was on re-pinning other peoples fabulous photo's I saw a very familiar image... It was a picture of MY Henry! My little man (the yellow pup on the far left) is famous, the picture has been re-pined 799 times as of this morning. The original photo can be found on Henry's breeders website here

If Henry knew I was blogging about this he would be mortified,
apparently it was an embarrassing photo shoot ;-)

It's so funny to think he was small enough to hang on a clothesline and small enough to be my carry on luggage from Montana to DC. Henry is definitely not a 15 pound ball of fur anymore, as you can see from my Blogger profile picture, but luckily for him the Mr. and I are renting a two bedroom apartment.   Today I thought I would share pictures with you of Henry's room, aka the spare bedroom.

98% of the time there is a white slipcover on the sofa because it's Henry's bed. 


  1. I love Henry's room. I could live there!
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Beautiful space!
    Stumbled across your blog from bloglovin, very nice! Look forward to seeing more x katrina

  3. Henry is so cute! My boyfriend doesn't understand my obsession with my dog... I definitely would have hung him on a clothesline as a pup!

    P.S. PLEASE come decorate my house! I'm tired of drooling on my keyboard every time I visit your blog. ;)



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