Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Favs

My Friday Favorite feature before Christmas was of the fab Oly Pipa Cocktail table Mom gave me, today's Friday Fav is this gorgeous painting of Henry from my Mother in Law! She sent a picture of Henry from when he was a puppy to a local artist who created this adorable masterpiece. 

I have two other paintings that I have yet to frame, and I don't really want to clutter up the walls in the apartment anyway, so I decided to create a few dresser vignettes with my unframed works of art. The colorful canvases propped on table tops, mixed in with books and pictures frames are the perfect pop in Henry's room. 

Here are a few other examples of un-hung artwork vignettes from Lonny that make me smile

Happy Friday!!


  1. What a priceless gift and your unframed art looks perfect in the vignettes!

  2. What a great idea - a portrait of a beloved pet as a gift! Henry is adorable!


  3. You have amazing style! I am a huge fan. So great to have a picture like that of your dog as a puppy!

  4. Your artwork is wonderful and I love them on your desk....the perfect vignette!!

  5. I am loving your blog. Found it through a pin on pinterest. Great ideas, great photos, and you like dogs :) Good people. You've got another follower.



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