Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Elephant In The Room Part II

This past Sunday when the Mr. was watching the Super Bowl I couldn't help but notice that our TV was more annoying than the game itself. Disguising the ginormous flat screen will not be easy, but I have to come up with something or some way to blend the electronic beast into the pretty much all white living room. Here are the latest inspirational images I found to motivate me.

Disguising the TV with accents... 

with doors... 

 with art... 

images: the decorista, elements of style, shelterness, houzz, cote de texas, shelterness, pinterest


  1. I forget where I saw it but one blog author put L brackets on the back of a painted canvas frame & just hung it over the TV when it wasn't in use. I'm sorry if I'm not explaining it so you get the idea.

  2. These are great solutions!



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