Thursday, March 29, 2012

Designer Drapes

As a designer there are certain decorating details that drive me crazy. What people do in their own homes is their own business, but when I see pictures of drapes that stop 2 inches from the floor or the rod is mounted directly on the window trim, I want to snap a magic wand and fix it. The same goes for poll pocket drapes... just because you can put the drapes over the poll doesn't make it right. Never mind the fact that it reminds me of a hair schrungie, it's completely impractical if you actually want to open and close the drapes on a regular basis. For the love, even if you have to fake it, always hang your drapes on rings people! 

not cool

rings make all the difference

One of my favorite living rooms my Mom decorated. 

 These  drapes are from Z Gallerie, we added pleats to dress them up and stuck hooks in the back.

The finished look for my living room drapes...

What they look like from behind, all it takes is drapery hooks! 


  1. I love your living room drapes, especially the rod. And totally agree about the hooks!

  2. Guilty! I have the scrunchie in my office. Wish you lived in my town to help me, lol!

  3. OK, so the 4th picture down, with the blue walls and the gold mirror, is that your home? I would like to know where to buy those drapes; with the pleats at the top. I completely agree about the rings and hooks, but I did not know you could just add hooks to any drape. Is that really true? I thought you had to buy them that way.

    1. That is not my home, I wish! It is one of my client's. We bought the drapes at Z Gallerie and had a local seamstress add the french pleats to them. But I have even added drapery hooks to ikea drapes before, just stick the hooks through and make sure they don't pierce through the front of the panel!

  4. Sorry, have to disagree. ;) We have long, beautiful linen panels in our master bedroom, and they happen to be pole pocket. I think they are gorgeous! They are never opened or closed anyway; being practically sheer, they are decorative. However, I wouldn't do pole pockets anywhere else in the house because of the opening/closing factor. I love your pictures!


  5. Get modern drapes in style & colors to boost your room. The drapes look great!!



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