Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lobby Design Boards

Here is a peak into my next big project for a Condominium Building downtown. I have been working with the Condo Board over the past few months (so much harder than working with an individual client by the way) to come up with the perfect pieces for the space. I narrowed down the final fabric selections to two upholstery options which I presented to the board and residents last week. After the meeting I  left the design boards in the lobby to give all the building's residents a chance to vote. Although I like both options, option one is definitely my favorite choice. I hope the residents agree! 

I can't wait to wrap this project up and share the "after" pictures, but at this rate that 
 probably won't be until be August... womp woomp 


  1. I love your ideas! I would love coming home to a beautiful lobby like this! Great job. :)

  2. You did a beautiful job! I love Option 1! :-)



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