Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Little Man Cave Inspiration

A loving home is all any baby really needs, so decorating the nursery is definitely more of a Mom pleaser. I have never really understood baby furniture, why buy a dresser your kid is going to outgrow in 4 years?? Your typical "nursery" decor has never really been my style, which is why our nursery will not have any baby furniture, aside from the crib of course. I want Jack to have things he will not outgrow, so rather than your typical baby vibe I am going for more of a man cave look. I'm going to call it the Little Man Cave. Here are some inspiration photo's I have been drooling over lately. If we had gobs of money or owned our place (so we could paint the walls, change lighting etc.) his room might resemble some of these lovely spaces...

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  1. I completely agree and understand your thinking. "Baby" rooms look appropriate for a year! They are lovely, but not a good use of money! One can do a newborn's room very tastefully with a practical approach!!!!

  2. this is making me want a fire in the fireplace! sad its not cold enough-but thanks for making me look forward to cozy spaces!!!



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