Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sea Island Georgia

I think I have a new favorite vacation spot! Sea Island, Georgia is the most amazing beach town I've ever been to. We were down there for my Brother-in-law's wedding and decided to make a week of it. If I were rolling in dough, I'd spend winters in Sea Island and summers in Aspen; this place is breath taking. The Mr. and his entire immediate family (all 15 of us!) stayed in the funkiest house. It had the strangest layout, 5 different types of flooring, and each room seemed as if it was decorated by a different person, but it was so fabulous! The house was perfect, the wedding was the most gorgeous wedding I have ever been too, and Jack got to spend wonderful quality time with his cousins. Thank goodness Jack is too young to remember all of it, I wouldn't want him to think we vacation like this every year!  


  1. What an awesome place. I won't tell Jack if you don't!

  2. Nice interior designing and architects designing!

  3. I have been to Sea Island several times. It is a little slice of heaven!



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