Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Neighborhood Inspiration

Next week I plan on sharing the before and after pictures of our exterior transformation. We had the house painted and I could not be more pleased with how it all turned out. I went back and forth about whether to paint the house gray or white, but in the end my dream of an all white house won. So now I have a white house literally inside and out. The funny thing is every room in our house is the exact same color as what I picked for the exterior. I know I am insane, but Benjamin Moore Cloud Cover was just the right fit for our house. If I had a clapboard or stucco house I would have gone with a more stark true white, with white shutters, but I did not think that look was the best option for our tiny brick house. Before we painted our house the Mr. was anxious to know what the final product would look like, because after all when you paint brick there is no turning back! One afternoon we took the kids for a walk and I showed him some of my favorite white houses, as well as some other gems. If one of these images is your house, sorry we are stalkers, but we are in love. I think I have created a monster because after we got back from the walk the Mr. started thinking about landscaping. He literally wants to rip everything out of our back yard and start from scratch! Maybe we will tackle that project in the Spring, but for now here is some landscaping inspiration as well as a few of our favorite houses! 

Here is what the house above looked like before they painted the shutters and door black, I personally loved the all white look! which do you like better black or white??


  1. Gorgeous inspiration! I've always loved an all white house, but black & white is pretty perfect too!

    1. I agree, which is why I love photo #1, white house white shutters and just the door is black! Plus that house is to die for regardless of the exterior color ;-)



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