Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Jack's New Room

Not too much has changed from Jack's old room at the apartment except the fact that his new room is 1/2 the size and I switched up his drapes. I decided to steal his old drapes and use them in our new living room, more on that later, so that left me with the daunting task of figuring out what to do for his window treatments. I have always love Pendleton blankets, and being that I went to college in Montana I thought it would be nice to make drapes that resembled the Pendleton Glacier National Park blanket. To create this look I simply had my seamstress add grosgrain ribbon to white Pottery Barn Peyton linen drapes, the same drapes I have in every room of our house except our bedroom. I absolutely love the way the drapes turned out and while I miss the look of Jack's old room, I like the added pop of color the drapes bring to his new space.  


  1. Great idea for the ribbon. Love taking something like the curtains and tweaking them to be original.

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