Friday, September 4, 2015

Our Kitchen Before & After

Oh my gosh there was so much wrong with the before pictures I don't know where to begin. When we first looked at the house I was so excited to see a dated kitchen. Most people would have looked at the kitchen and run for the hills but I was excited at all the potential the space offered. As you can see from the before pictures the kitchen was tiny tiny tiny. You couldn't open the dishwasher and the oven at the same time or the doors would hit each other. On the floor there were blue/purple sticky tiles, and a living room closet ate up valuable kitchen space which ultimately I took out in order to carve out a spot for our refrigerator. For the cabinets I used Ikea, specifically the White Lidingo cabinets which they have since fazed out and have transitioned to a new cabinet line. Our counter tops are the most beautiful honed carrara marble I have ever laid eyes on, and our appliances are a hodge podge of ones that came with the house, and purchased over time. In the dining room you will recognize my chandelier/pendant from the apartment, and the dining room table is the same one from the apartment with a larger marble top I had cut to go on it. The chairs are bistro chairs from Ballard, and the stools are from Target. Our old bedroom rug was able to be cut down so now half of it is in the dining room and the rest of the rug is in our mud room. Renovating the kitchen was definitely the best decision we made before moving into the house and I am so pleased with the way it all turned out. Even my honed carrara marble which people warned me not to use in a kitchen... yes it has a few spots here and there but I think it looks just as beautiful now as the day it was installed! 

The Dining Room before we took down the wall separating the space from the kitchen



  1. Wow in my last house I did the exact thing with my kitchen/dining room. Taking the wall down. My mistake was not extending the counter to fit stools. I thought it would take too much length from the dining side. I had the greatest u-shaped counter but nobody could sit on the other side and hang out.
    Our front door was in exactly the same place, I wonder if our floor plans are the same.

  2. You did magic! The wall gone makes all the difference in the world. I love the light fixture and the wall with the picture hanging on the "cut out" feature.

  3. Beautiful....I had those same cabinets in the 80's! Taking the wall down was epic!

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