Thursday, September 3, 2015

Our Master Bedroom

Like Jack's bedroom, our Master Bedroom has not changed that much since our apartment days. I still have my favorite DIY Corbel Nighstands which are basically only big enough to fit our massively heavy Arteriors lamps and a drink on, and we still have our Restoration Hardware St. James Bed. Our old dining room sideboard now serves as my dresser, and our old living room rug was cut down to fit our new room. I absolutely love the rug, and I loved it for the living room but now that we are in a house with a backyard that Hank can frolic in as he pleases I was too worried to keep the rug for the new living room. I could just see the Mr. not wiping his paws or kids running in from our side porch with muddy boots, so I decided it would make a great rug for our bedroom and I can rest assure it will not get ruined! The only new purchase we made was drapes, and I absolutely love the way they turned out with the old living room rug. Because the room is so small and our bed is so big it was inevitable that I would block a window. The window is off center behind our headboard which drove me crazy so I hung the drapes to cover the width of the whole headboard to compensate for the lack of symmetry. It probably wouldn't have bothered most people but it totally bugged me and now I love the way our tiny Master Bedroom looks. 

Here are a few more shots of our upstairs, in our hallway I have the most fabulous starburst chest in all the land. I friggin love this piece of furniture and everything about my little hall. On the wall are two gold framed prints that used to be my Grandmother Lizzie's and in the middle is a dog portrait my Mom got me. Our light fixture was one I brought with me from Visual Comforts which I think ties together all of my black and gold in the space. 

So there you have it, that's our 2nd floor at the new house! Tomorrow I will share before and after photo's of the Kitchen and Mud Room!! The before pictures are literally so bad it makes my after pictures look like a million bucks ;-)


  1. I love when the little bump outs fit a fabulous piece of furniture like that, it was like it was made for the space.
    The off centered window would have killed me.

  2. Oh so clever using the drape and headboard to hide the window! The mirrored tray, and the chest upstairs are awesome!

  3. Elizabeth, let me say that your bedroom turned out absolutely gorgeous. Even though you say the room is small, at least in the pictures it seems to be full of space and light. I liked a lot your idea of transforming the rug and the way it looks now is perfect, plus you are sure it will not be ruined anymore. :)
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    They are all custom made to fit each and every space, plus, there is even a social story that comes along with a rug: I hope we can bring some inspiration for your future projects. :)

  4. This room definitely appeals to my love of black and white....classic and oh so pretty!

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