Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Our Mudroom Before and After

Our mudroom is literally an Ikea Hack on steroids. Much like the kitchen the room was dated. It was a converted screened in porch with wood paneling on three walls and brick on another, and horrible popcorn tiles on the ceiling. Since I removed the closet in the living room I needed a coat closet for our first floor, and a space to put all of our stuff. Instead of keeping it as a breakfast nook which is how the previous home owners used it, I decided to make it a fully functional mudroom. I ended up covering up two windows with cabinetry and for now I just have blinds hung in them so from the outside of the house you just see window treatments. Since it is on the back of the house it does not bother me, but one day I would like to brick the windows in. In our mudroom I used part of the Ikea kitchen cabinets and part of their Pax closet system. For the bench and the wall shelf I used a desk top I found in the "as-is" section for $9 and had my contractor cut it in half. I literally have a place for everything in this room. We have floor to ceiling wine storage, a double coat closet for winter coats, work bags, and doggie items. A single closet that has the Mr's suit jackets and serving platters, and then floor to ceiling open shelves with baskets for hand towels, burp cloths, dog towels and diaper bags. Under the bench are two HomeGoods baskets for shoes, and then we have our microwave hidden in the lower cabinet since the kitchen was too small for a built in microwave. Jack loves fruit and veggies so much I was running out of counter space for fruit bowels so I got these amazing hanging baskets to hold all of his goodies; and last but not least a perfectly carved out niche for Hank's dog bowls! Here are the before, during and after photos! 


  1. The Pax closets are great. I wish I saw them before having closets made for my lower level family room. I was adding onto back of house so turned the lower level family room into my laundry and closets. Stereo system in one, next to the washer dryer a small one holding all the laundry detergent and iron, pool towels and sunscreen etc in another, printers in another and the largest coat closet behind double doors. My plumber actual used pipe for the rod because it was such a long length that all the other rods bent under the weight of the coats. A sofa and tv made in the middle made it a nice play room for my nieces and nephews when they came over and the mess never needed to be cleaned up because I just shut the door. Luckily we still had a very large mud room for guests coats and shoes etc.

  2. WOW! I absolutely love what you did with this space!! It's so functional now - all that glorious storage!! I am working on a closet makeover design for a friend and I will definitely show her this. Really inspiring - thanks for sharing!

  3. A stunning mudroom. And I love your living room also! Inspiring!

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  5. What doors did you use for the pax and regular cabinets?

    1. For the Pax cabinets i used the Tyssedal doors and for the cabinets I used the Lidingo doors form Ikeas old kitchen cabinet system, the match to it is now called Bodbyn. Hope this helps!

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